Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Story Information Sessions - April

 Please join us to see some examples of stories - both local and beyond!
Meet the artists and ask questions!
Bring a story idea or two! 

1920's Kerrisdale home
Monday April 18, 11am-1pm 
Seniors Centre Lounge

1960's West 41st Ave
Wednesday April 20, 5-7pm 
Main Centre Lobby


  1. Just learned about this project when I joined the community centre yesterday (and I thought I'd just be using the fitness room). I've recently moved back to the neighbourhood but my family history in Kerrisdale goes back to the 1920s. I'll have to do some digging through our archives for photos and hope enough were saved after my dad's death in 2008. My great aunt & uncle used to own Vanity Fair Lingerie on W. the Starbuck's! Lots of wonderful memories from their house on W. Boulevard (7000 block). See you Wednesday.

  2. Hi Susan,

    We would be so happy to learn about your family history!

    Very excited to meet you on Wednesday...